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How to Get Curly Hair Naturally
Not all of us were born with curly hair, but for those of us who desire bouncy waves without damaging our strands, there are a few ways to go about getting them. Whether you want to create curls out of your perfectly straight hair or you want to enhance your natural curls, there are multiple methods for gaining natural curls.

There are various techniques to curl your hairs easily at home. Find some below:

1. Try braiding your hair: The most tried-and-true method of getting natural looking waves is by braiding your hair.
Start by washing your hair with a curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner, and then towel-drying it until damp.
Use a wide-tooth comb to carefully brush your hair, being careful not to rush for fear of breaking any strands.
Then, french braid two or three sections of your hair, starting from your hairline and working down towards the nape of your neck.
Secure the ends with an elastic band.
Leave your hair braided all day or overnight, and then remove the elastic and pull apart the braid. You should be left with natural looking curls that will last all day.
2. Create pin curls: Pin curls are an old styling trick that have been popular for a few decades.
Pin curling is the process of wrapping small strands of hair up in a loop, and pinning them to your scalp for several hours.
Start by washing your hair and towel-drying it so that it’s not soaking; use a curl-enhancing serum on your hair if you desire.
Then, separate your hair into 1-inch strands.
Take each strand and wrap it around your finger until your reach the end, and then slide it off to form a loop/spiral of hair.
3. Try rag-curling your hair: Rag curls are created in a similar fashion to pin curls; rather than pinning rolled sections of hair to your scalp, you wrap sections of your hair in small bits of fabric and tie them in a loop.
Start with wet hair (as per usual) that is damp to the touch.
Separate out sections of your hair to be about 1-inch thick (or larger, for bigger curls).
Take a piece of muslin or cotton fabric, and tear/cut it into strips about ½-inch wide.
Pull out a single section of hair, and place the ends on the center of one of your fabric strips. Roll the hair towards your scalp, with the fabric in the center.
4.  Pull your hair up in a bun: If you’re looking for big, bouncy curls, using a bun might be the best option.
With damp hair, carefully brush all your hair up into a ponytail on the very top of your head.
Use an elastic to secure this ponytail in place.
Then, wrap the large strand around in a circular motion, to twist it up into a tight rope of hair.
Carefully wrap this around the base of your ponytail, and tuck the ends under the loop.
Use 3-4 bobby pins to secure your hair in this manner, and wait several hours for your hair to dry (or go to sleep on it).
5. Switch to sulfate-free natural curl products: There are so many hair products on the market these days, it’s hard to know which ones are the right choice.
In general, curly hair is drier than straight hair.
As a result, it’s more at the mercy of your hair product than straight hair is.
Sulphates and silicone in hair products dry out curly hair, making it either appear frizzy or straighter than it actually is.
Look for special hair products that are made specifically for curly hair, and lack these ingredients. 
6. Get a new hair cut: Having hair that is all the same length will weigh down your curls, causing them to appear straight and giving your style an unrefined appearance.
Getting a new hair cut will do two things:
    a) it will cut off any fried ends that can no longer curl as a result of damage

    b) it will introduce layers into your style, which gives the illusion of more curls.


Ask your stylist to give you a multidimensional cut with lots of layers.
7. Use a diffuser: Although this isn’t a strictly ‘natural’ method, using a diffuser will make your hair curlier than air-drying or a regular blow-dry will.
A diffuser is a special attachment you put on the end of your blow-dryer, that helps to define curls and increase the volume in your hair.
Simply attach it to the end of your dryer:
     a) change the settings to ‘cool’, and
       b) start drying your hair on low.
It will take a bit longer than high speed and heat, but your hair will be curlier and healthier using cold air.
8. Scrunch your hair with a curl booster: There are a few products available known as ‘curl boosters’, which aim to enhance natural curls in your hair.
Look for an all natural curl booster, and use it on your hair in the ‘scrunching method’.
To do this, flip your head upside down, and pour some of the product into your hands.
Then, grab handfuls of your hair and scrunch it, to bring out the natural curl. You’ll have natural looking waves and curls as a result, once your hair dries out.
Note: This is a demo site and this content is taken from here: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Curly-Hair-Naturally