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Stanley R. Card

Stanley R. Card

Posted August 28, 2018 | 0 likes 0 comments 33 views | Teamwork

Team Building Prayer

God created this day for...
gain not loss,
success not failure,
positive actions not negative thoughts.

O Lord inspire us with desire for greatness,
to wisely use these gifts and talents
you have so generously given to us.
They are tools to be used,
not treasures to be stored up.

Create in these young athletes:
the Right Attitude to excel in the classroom and in life. The attitude that says "I can reach deeper inside myself."

The Firm Belief in God, themselves,
their families, and their teammates,
to have great expectations for their future.

The Enduring Commitment to persevere,
to never quit no matter what the score,
to never give up no matter what the odds.