Progress Bars

By using Progress Bars display text in the form of percentage or amount or some custom text. Align text to the right, left, top or bottom. Progress Bars also support stripes as fixed or animated. You can also define a custom border radius to give the bars a curvy shape.

Unlimited colours and possible to change empty bar colour, text colour, circle size & bar thickness

1. Skills - Progress Bars with Gradient Moving

Java Script

2. Activeness - Progress Bars with Single Color

Member Sign-Ups (100%)
Groups Joining (90%)
Events Occuring (70%)

3. Our Grading - Our Strength - Progress Bars with Gradient Fixed

Excellent (80% & Above)
Good (65%-80%)
Average (50-65)
Bad (below 50% )

4. Circular Progress Bar - With different Sizes and Thickness (Highly Customizable)

Size & Thickness
Size & Thickness 2
Size & Thickness 3
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